Meet the founder: Osmosis

  • | Annica

Idag mina vänner bjuder jag på en riktigt MAFFIG och SÅ spännande intervju med Dr. Ben Johnson. Han som anses vara en av världens mest banbrytande medicinska estetiker. Osmosis har en modern syn på hur man behandlar huden för att upprätthålla en god hudhälsa. Här berättar han även varför inre hälsa måste vara en prioritet för oss alla. Enjoy! 🙂

After working with various brands while owning a chain of medi-spas, I realised I could do it better. With my first company, Cosmedix, I was offering solutions based on what the textbooks said about the skin and following the advice of chemists who were also stuck. My ‘aha’ moment came about seven years into my first brand when I realised that my skin was still ageing and that the results of my line, regardless of the expense of the ingredients, was temporary. At that point I decided to look at what could be done to change the current paradigm in skincare and started Osmosis Skincare around 10 years ago.

I decided to approach each skin condition with a fresh canvas and the results exceeded my expectations. I haven’t stopped innovating because we do not have answers for everything yet, but we have managed to find permanent solutions for many of the most challenging skin conditions. The key was not just focusing on the skin, but looking inside the body for imbalances.

No one else in the world is doing what we are doing. Most people do not realise that skin care products have an average penetration rate of less than 5%, so much of the expensive material used is wasted on the surface. That’s why Phosphatidylcholine is a key ingredient for us, as it increases penetration of products by as much as 600%. Another key ingredient is Trioxolane. I patented this for its permanent treatment of age spots, uneven texture and large pores. I am also very pleased with our liposomal Retinal because of its proven collagen stimulation ability. Lastly, our clinically and patented Zinc Finger Technology is important because it reverses acne scarring, tightens the skin by 110%, tightens eyelids by 15% and makes broken capillaries disappear.

The skin and body are one unit. The skin offers clues to internal imbalances that can be mapped on the face, in many cases. Balancing the body holistically can lead to beautiful skin and, more importantly, change people’s lives. This is what Osmosis is all about.   

Our Harmonized Water has been one of the best highlights and, at the same time, greatest challenges for me over the last decade. I truly am a science geek who wants to improve the physiology of the human body and skin. I understand that at a superficial level, the one I was taught in medical school, many things are explained through chemical reactions and hormone receptor activations. However, the most exciting changes in medicine will be working with the energetic origin of our cells, the quantum energy fields that are no longer considered theories. This is what our Harmonized Water is all about. We use frequencies to modulate the body, correct pathogen and toxin influences, and even reduce stress. The reason this is a challenge is because most of the world cannot imagine that water is a good carrier of frequencies or even that frequencies can influence cell activity. Mind you, this is not because the science has not been done, it is because physicians and quantum physicists are not working together to combine what we know. We have done two, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials that prove we have a unique ability to help millions of people and slowly but surely, the world is finding out that this is a real science.

I am interested in educating the world about the true causes of acne, rosacea, melasma, eczema, and ageing. I think our results have proven that our unique theories are soon going to become accepted fact. I know that is a bold claim, but we are helping so many people every day by using our protocols that my confidence is high. Where my attention is at the moment, however, is finding better ways to heal the liver, because it is responsible for melasma and liver spots and right now people’s livers are way overburdened with toxins and medications, so they are difficult to heal.

In the future, I am going to add products to Osmosis Skincare that further transform the health of the body and the skin, so that we not only see a resolve in skin conditions and a restoration of youthfulness, but actually raise the vibration of our cells to a point where we will often heal ourselves and instil a sense of joy that permeates everything we do.